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WoW Farming Guides - Stratholme

           Very similar to Scholomance, another great place for players to farm is Stratholme. Here you will be able to find the same type of loot you would in Scholomance and also in Stratholme you will get a shot at Baron Rivendare's Mount. Regardless of popular belief, Scholomance actually offers much better money then Strath. The main reason people run Stratholme is for, as said before, a chance at Baron Rivendare's Mount. This mount is hugely popular and well known for being such a pain in the rear end to get.

           Regardless of the fact that Scholomance is better to farm, if you're looking for some extra cash and a chance to get a rare-unique looking mount then Stratholme is your best bet. When running Stratholme you will be faced with two options. One, kill all of the mobs you pass in Strath for maximum extra loot and maximum gold income or by pass all of the mobs and run straight to Baron Rivendare for a shot at his mount. Either way you will still make a decent amount of money here. Of course if you stop and kill all of the mobs on your way you will make a ton more.

           When running Strath you will want to keep your eye out for any items that you may be able to sell on the Auction House for a decent amount of gold. Further down on this page is a full list of the items you will want to save and sell on the Auction House. Also in that list it tells you the average prices they go for depending on your server. The main items you will want to save and hold on to from Stratholme are Large Brilliant Shards, Greater Eternal Essences, Illusion Dust and Runecloth. All of these items will net you a large amount of gold at your local Auction House.

My 10 Documented Strath Runs

           This section of my strath guide has a complete, documented list of 10 Strath runs that I have done. At the start of each video I show you exactly what is in my inventory and how much gold I have before starting the instance. On this web page, below these paragraphs, you can find a complete list of all the items I found during that run and exactly how much gold I made. Furthermore, right below this paragraph is a list of items you will find while running Stratholme and how much you should expect them to be going for on your Auction House.

1 Greater Eternal Essence - 15g

1 Illusion Dust - 2g 50s

1 Large Brilliant Shard - 5g

1 Essence of Undeath - 7g

1 Stack of Runecloth - 5g 50s

1 Aquamarine - 4/5g

Major Healing & Mana Potions - 50s to 1g each

1 Star Ruby - 5g

           Those are about all the items you will find while adventuring through Stratholme. Your biggest income here will be disenchanting almost everything you find and selling it on the Auction House. Note, that if you're not an enchanter then you can always just group with a friend and roll "Disenchant" on whatever green or blue drops. Whether you're farming Stratholme for Baron Rivendare's Mount or just straight up cash, I am sure you will be happy with how much gold you're making here.

Strath Run 1

           Run 1 is rather straight forward. The only time I agro an extra pack of mobs is around 5 minutes into the video on the way to the Abominations. The few extra mobs boosted up my overall gold for the run by quite a bit. 9g is actually one of the higher totals in all 10 of the runs that I documented. Over all run 1 was rather successful netting me 138g in 8 minutes 40 seconds.

Before: 56, 327g

After: 56, 336g

Gold Profit: 9g

51 Runecloth (2 1/2 Stacks = 11g)

15 Large Brilliant Shards (5 x 15 = 75g)

1 Greater Eternal Essence (1 x 15 = 15g)

10 Illusion Dust (10 x 2.50 = 25g)

3g From Gray Items (+ 3g)

Grand Total: 138g

Strath Run 2

           In Run 2 I pull just about every extra mob in my path between bosses; because of this Run 2 is the highest profiting run of them all. Also, since I killed all those extra mobs it is also one of the longest Strath runs that I have documented. If you're running strath specifically for the money you will want to make your runs look like this. Pulling all of the mobs will give you the most Runecloth and also the best chance at more Greens to Disenchant.

The grand total is rather low since I didn't get any Greater Eternal Essences from any of the greens I disenchanted.

Before: 56, 606g

After: 56, 618g

Gold Profit: 12g

58 Runecloth (2 3/4 Stacks = 13g)

11 Large Brilliant Shards (11 x 5 = 55g)

2 Aquamarine (2 x 4 = 8g)

4g Vendor Trash (+ 4g)

3 Major Healing Potions (1g)

1 Major Mana Potion (50s)

1 Thorium Lockbox (2g)

1 Essence of Undeath (7g)

9 Illusion Dust (9 x 2.50 = 22g 50s)

Grand Total: 125g

Strath Run 3

           Run 3 was a slightly more profiting run than usual. I managed to get quite a few goodies during the run that sold for a pretty penny on the Auction House. During the run I accidentally pulled packs of mobs before both the first and second obelisks as well as right before the Aboms leading to Rivendare. This was the main reason I made more gold than usual while running through strath. The total time spent during run 3 was 8:57 and I made a total of 116g.

Before: 57, 212g

After: 57, 219g

Gold Profit: 7g

57 Runecloth (2 3/4 Stacks = 13g)

2g Vendor Trash (+ 2g)

8 Large Brilliant Shards (8 x 5 = 40g)

3 Greater Eternal Essences (3 x 15 = 40g)

3 Illusion Dust (3 x 2.50 = 7g)

1 Essence of Undeath (7g)

Grand Total: 116g

Strath Run 4

           Run 4 was a very typical Stratholme run if you're going for Baron Rivendare's mount. I pulled a few extra mobs towards the end of the video before the aboms but they didn't really drop much. The run only took 7:51 and I made around 75g, plus don't forget, a shot at Baron Rivendare's mount. Even for this being a typical run of Strath it was still rather impressive. Technically I made 1g for every 10 seconds throughout this video.

Before: 64, 605g

After: 64, 612g

Gold Profit: 7g

8 Large Brilliant Shards (8 x 5 = 40g)

8 Illusion Dust (8 x 2.50 = 20g)

39 Runecloth (1 1/2 Stacks = 6g)

1 Thorium Lockbox (2g)

Grand Total: 75g

Strath Run 5

           This is probably your most basic Strath run possible for farming Baron Rivendare's mount. I get lucky enough to not agro a single extra mob during the whole run which results in a very short run and a lot less gold made. Even though this run was very short and I didn't kill much extra I still managed to pull in 79g. For 7 minutes spent farming I'd say 79g is a rather good outcome.

Before: 64, 816g

After: 64, 822g

Gold Profit:6g

39 Runecloth (1 3/4 Stacks = 10g)

8 Large Brilliant Shards (8 x 5 = 40g)

9 Illusion Dust (9 x 2.5 = 22g 50s)

1g Vendor Trash (+ 1g)

Grand Total: 79g 50s

Strath Run 6

           During this run I pull a lot of extra mobs on the way to the third obelisk and also on the way to the abominations. Having to stop twice to kill both large packs of mobs added slightly more items and cash into the run but also increased the time spent inside by close to a minute. For this run I made a total of 126g for the 9 minutes spent inside the instance.

Before: 65, 371g

After: 65, 380g

Gold Profit: 9g

7 Large Brilliant Shards (7 x 5 = 35g)

3 Greater Eternal Essences (3 x 15 = 45g)

43 Runecloth (2 Stacks = 11g)

1 Star Ruby (+ 5g)

9 Illusion Dust (2.50 x 9 = 22g 50s)

5g Vendor Trash (+ 5g)

1 Seven of Portals (+ 2g)

1 Eternium Lockbox (+ 2g)

Grand Total: 126g 50s

Strath Run 7

           This is a video of another extremely basic strath run. As said before, if you're only going for the mount this is what your runs should usually look like. Although, for this strath I did happen to get quite a bit of goodies for how little mobs I did pull extra. During the 7 minute run I made a grand total of 102g! For those bad at math that is more then 1g every 10 seconds!

Before: 65, 676g

After: 65, 682g

Gold Profit: 6g

1 Thorium Lockbox (+ 2g)

9 Large Brilliant Shards (9 x 5 = 45g)

2 Illusion Dust (2.50 x 2 = 5g)

38 Runecloth (1 3/4 Stacks = 10g)

2 Greater Eternal Essences (2 x 15 = 30g)

4g Vendor Trash (+ 4g)

Grand Total: 102g

Strath Run 8

           This was a normal strath run over all aside from the fact that I got a large amount of Greater Eternal Essences which increased my profit from this run substantially. During this run I got 6 Greater Eternal Essences, which since they sell for 15g each, you could imagine how much they buffed up my profit and how happy I was. Aside from the influx of Greater Eternal Essences this run it was a rather average and normal run. On the way to the second obelisk I had a little trouble and pulled some mobs but other then that it went smoothly.

Before: 65, 682g

After: 65, 691g

Gold Profit: 9g

5 Illusion Dust (2.50 x 5 = 12g 50s)

6 Greater Eternal Essences (6 x 15 = 90g)

7 Large Brilliant Shards (7 x 5 = 35g)

1g Vendor Trash (+ 1g)

Grand Total: 147g

Strath Run 9

           Just like the last run, this is another high profiting run. In between the second and third obelisks I pull a ton of extra mobs to kill and also right after the third obelisk I decide to stop and grab a chest that was nearby. After I grab the chest I train even more mobs over to the room with Abominations. With all the extra killing my gold profit for this run sky rocketed, giving me the highest paying run yet. For the measly 9 minutes and 19 seconds I invested into this video I made 179g!

Before: 67, 417g

After: 67, 427g

Gold Profit: 10g

63 Runecloth (3 Stacks = 16g)

6 Greater Eternal Essences (6 x 15 = 90)

1 Aquamarine (+ 5g)

7 Illusion Dust (2.50 x 7 = 17g 50s)

7 Large Brilliant Shards (7 x 5 = 35g)

1 Thorium Lockbox (+ 2g)

1 Eternium Lockbox (+ 2g)

2g Vendor Trash (+ 2g)

Grand Total: 179g

Strath Run 10

           During my final strath run I made a few mistakes with agroing a lot of extra mobs but it paid off in the long run giving me quite a bit of extra goodies to sell on the Auction House. During my final run of Stratholme for my video guides I made a grand total of 132g for the 9 minutes I spent inside of Stratholme. Also, me being as unlucky as I am, still no mount has dropped for me =(

Before: 67, 456g

After: 67, 466g

Gold Profit: 10g

65 Runecloth (3 Stacks = 15g)

7 Large Brilliant Shards (7 x 5 = 35g)

3 Greater Eternal Essences (3 x 15 = 45g)

2g Vendor Trash (+ 2g)

10 Illusion Dust (2.50 x 10 = 25g)

Grand Total: 132g





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