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Rhino Meat In Stormpeaks

           Rhino Meat is one of the best selling meats in WoTLK. Rhino Meat is used in making Rhino Dogs which are needed for one of the Cooking Dailies available to you in Dalaran. Rhino Meat is also used in a few different recipes for cooking, which people will want specifically for getting the Northrend Gourmet achievement. The best place to farm for Rhino Meat, as seen above is in Storm Peaks right around the central ring. On average you'll get about five to six stacks of meat from farming here every hour, netting you 250g or more. If you have skinning you can easily double your profits.

Stormpeaks Rhino Meat Farming Video

Rhino Meat in Borean Tundra

           Another great spot for you to farm for Rhino Meat is in Borean Tundra. It is very commonly argued which place is better, Borean Tundra since there are a ton more Rhinos or Stormpeaks, since they have a higher drop rate. The decision is up to you, obviously if you're an AoE class you'd probably benefit more from the Rhinos in Borean then you would from the Rhinos in Stormpeaks. Either way if you want some Rhino Meat, you won't be dissapointed.

Borean Tundra Rhino Meat Farming Video





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