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Gundrak Hatchling Farming Location

           There are Raptor spawns all around Gundrak which is in northeast Zul'drak. These raptors have a chance to drop a rare vanity pet called the Gundrak Hatchling. This pet doesn't have a very high chance of dropping, but if you manage to get one the time you spent here will cash out, so to speak. I really only recommend this farming location to players with skinning, since they will make the most profit off of killing mobs here.

Gundrak Hatchling:

           This area can become over crowded depending on what time of day it is. Also traffic through this area is pretty common since it is so close to Gundrak. There will be some competition here, but not at all times and not so much that the location isn't worth it. If you're wondering how much the raptor sells for. I usually see it go for 1-2k depending on who is buying.

Gundrak Hatchling Farming Video:





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