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Best Frostweave Cloth Farming Location

           This cave is by far one of my most favorite farming locations added in Wrath of the Lich King. The Cave is located in Icecrown on the southern end of the Scarlet Onslaught Island. In this cave you can easily pull in a good 500 to 1000g an hour, depending on luck, Inventory Space and Tradeskills. If you're a Tailor you will get more Frostweave Cloth here then others. If you're an enchanter you will be able to disenchant the greens you find (or if you're not an enchanter you can easily just find someone).

           Also depending on how fast you kill will of course determine if you will leave the tunnel and kill the mobs above, or stay in the tunnel and ignore the normal Scarlet Onslaught mobs. Generally within 1 cave clear I will get the following items.

1-1 1/2 Stacks of Frostweave
1-2 Greens (Usually turns out to be 10-16 Infinite Dust)
6-10g From Mob Kills
4-10g Worth of Vendor Trash
1 Runic Mana or Health Potion

           Of course your luck may be different here. You may get more or less every clear, but you will still get quite a decent amount of goodies from this area. Below is a video to demonstrate the path I use through this cave and to give you a rough estimate of how long it takes and what loot I get.

TIP: If you plan to be here awhile and you're not a mage, enter a Alterac Valley or Isle of Conquest and grab 4 stacks from a Mage Table. Trust me, you'll need them.

Best Frostweave Cloth Farming Location Video:

Clearing The Whole Cave (Alternative Frostweave Cloth Farming Video)

           Now depending on what your gear is like you may or may not be able to clear the whole cave. Chances are, if you're in Honor gear or better, you'll clear the whole cave before it respawns. In this case you will want to kill the AoE packs outside and the Scarlet Onslaught (non elite) members outside of the chapel above the cave. If you're a class that can AoE feel free to round them all up and AoE them down.

           At first, don't just banzai up there, proceed with caution and see how many you can handle first. Then you can start getting suicidial. We're supposed to make money here, not lose it! Usually after clearing the whole top, I get the same amount of loot, in the same amount of time as the cave. The only thing you will get less of is the pure money off the kills. Instead of 50s to 1g 10s a kill you'll get about 20s to 30s a kill.





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