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"Great Feast" Material Farming Guide

           Great Feast's are a food made with the Cooking profession that applies a buff to anyone who sits and eats at it for long enough. Gathering the materials to make the Great Feast is a great way to make a bit of extra cash. It's an even better way to make some cash if you have the Skinning Profession. Of course, without skinning its still worth it, but not as worth it. Below is a list of each of the different locations with a video detailing them better.

Chunk o' Mammoth - Farming Location

           This is the best place in the game for you to farm Mammoth Meat for making Great Feasts and other Cooking goodies. This is also an excellent place for you to skin a lot of Mammoths for Borean Leather. The Mammoth Meat you farm here can be sold alone on the AH or you can cook it up and into a Great Feast and sell it that way. If you need an exact pin point on this location, take a look at the begining of the video for my location on the map.

Worm Meat - Farming Location

           This is the best location in the game for you to farm for Worm Meat and one of the locations with the highest Jormungar Scale drop rates. The Worm Meat you farm herecan be sold alone or can be made into Great Feasts and sold as a whole package. One thing you should keep in mind for this location (as seen in the video) is the wolves. It's important that you focus on them and kill them first. Otherwise you may run into a problem, them stealing credit for your Jourmungar. For the exact location of this area, take a look at the location on the map in the begining of the video.

Shoveltusk Flank - Farming Location

           These are by far the best locations for you to farm for Shoveltusk Flanks in the game. You will find a ton of Shoveltusks around here clumpted together in nice packs for you to AoE. The Shoveltusk Flanks that you get can be combined into making Great Feasts or sold Individually, depending on what you want to do. If you're a skinner you will be able to make even more profit from the Shoveltusks. The Shoveltusks won't give you the best Leather you can get in the game but when you're killing the sheer masses of Shoveltusks in Howling Fjord you'll get a lot of leather.

Chilled Meat

           Chilled Meat is a generic type of meat that drops from random beasts throughout Northrend. Any of the locations I listed above have a chance to drop Chilled Meat. There really isn't a "best" location for you to farm for Chilled Meat and you can also get it in different locations then what I listed above. What you want to do is totally up to you.





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