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Eternal Fire Farming Locations

           Eternal & Crystallized Fire are one of many of the new essences that was added in WoTLK. Eternal Fire, most commonly used in Tradeskills and can be farmed from a few different locations on Northrend. The best place to farm for Eternal Fire is in Storm Peaks. It's debatable what location is better, the one in Storm Peaks or Wintergrasp's Eternal Fire location. I personally prefer the one in Storm Peaks. It's always less crowded and has about the same drop rate.

Eternal Fire in Borean Tundra

Average Gold Per Hour: 75
Level Recommended: 72+
Rating: (For that level) 7/10

           One of the most commonly known locations to farm for Eternal Fire is in Borean Tundra. This is a great farming location if you need both Water and Fire Eternals. However since they so well known they are usually camped out the rear. Also since the elementals are lower in level, the drop rate on them is a bit lower then average. However at the rate you will be killing them, that is of little concern.

Eternal Fire In Storm Peaks

Average Gold Per Hour: 125
Level Recommended: 80
Rating: (For that level) 7/10

           Storm Peaks is probably the best place for you to farm for Crystallized Fire in Northrend. In a cave just north of the Horde town of Camp Tunka'lo you will find Wailing Winds. They are little yellow balls that drop Crystallized Fire. They don't look like Fire Elementals, thats for sure. Near the Fire Elementals you can also find Air Elementals, if you get bored at all of the fire elementals. To read up on where you can find the Air Elementals click here.

Eternal Fire Wintergrasp Farming Location

Average Gold Per Hour: 100
Level Recommended: 80
Rating: (For that level) 7/10

           If you're looking for Eternal Fire, there really isn't much of a better place then Wintergrasp for it. In the south eastern section of the map you will find a large area of charred land for you to kill Fire Elementals for Crystallized Fire. This is one of the best areas for you to farm for Crystallized Fire, with the exception of Frost Floe Deep in Stormpeaks.





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