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Eternal Earth Farming Locations

           Eternal & Crystallized Earth are one of many of the new essences that was added in WoTLK. Eternal Earth, most commonly used in Tradeskills and can be farmed from quite a few different locations on Northrend. The best area to farm for Eternal Earth is in Storm Peaks. When it comes down to Wintergrasp for Eternal Earth, the mobs here are just too spread out to make it worth while. Below is a list of each of these locations and a little bit about them.

Eternal Earth in Stormpeaks

Average Gold Per Hour: 50
Level Recommended: 80+
Rating: (For that level) 6/10

           This area is the best area to farm Crystallized Earth in the game. Since the mobs are so spread out in Wintergrasp, it makes this area superior. However, this area can become over crowded by people doing the Hodir dailies. That means the best time to farm in this area is in the morning or late at night.

Farming Eternal Earth, Water and Air in Sholazar Basin

Average Gold Per Hour: 75
Level Recommended: 80
Rating: (For that level) 6/10

           This is a great place to farm for Crystallized Water, Earth and Air in Sholazar Basin. You can find the elementals on the cliff surface over looking the western side of the zone. The thing that makes this area so good is the pure variation of different types of Crystallized Elements you can get here. Also, usually no one is here unless they're doing the FrenzyHeart/Oracles faction dailies. This means you will have a rather pleasent farming experience.





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