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Thorium Ore Farming

           Thorium Ore is a great money maker regardless of what level you are. On almost every server Thorium Bars are the highest selling easiest to get bars of them all. Usually selling from anywhere of 40g to 100g per stack of bars depending on your servers economy. This may not sound like much but if you factor in the sheer amount of Thorium Ore you get from a single rotation of any zone it adds up quick. In addition to Thorium Ore you will also get a ton of other rare gems that sell for a ton on the Auction House.

           Each of my Thorium Ore farming guides on this page will contain a map of the best path to farm the ore in each of the zones as well as video demonstrating how much thorium I find while farming here and and explanation of why I chose that path. As far as a total/prices of each item... Here is a quick list of what you will get and roughly how much each thing will sell for.

Loot From Farming Thorium Ore:

Thorium Ore (Convert to bars and sell for 40 - 100g per stack depending on your server)

Dense Stone (Vendor these)

Arcane Crystal (5 - 7g each)

Huge Emerald (7 - 12g each)

Azerothian Diamond (5 - 12g each)

Large Opal (5 - 12g each)

Blue Sapphire (2 - 7g each)

Star Ruby (2 - 8g each)

Mithril Ore (30 - 50g a stack once you convert to bars)

Solid Stone (Vendors for 50s a stack)

Truesilver Ore (2g per bar)

           As you can see you will be getting a ton of stuff from farming Thorium Ore, not just the ore itself. Depending on your server and it's population this stuff will never stop selling either. People are constantly leveling up alts and redoing their professions each time Blizzard changes something that they don't like. In addition the Arcane Crystals and Thorium Bars are used in making Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker. Which is a legendary weapon that players will always be farming for.

           Unlike many of the other types of ore there are only three different zones that are actually worthwhile to farm Thorium in. Keep in mind none of these zones are better than the next and there really is no difference between any of them besides what you will be looking at while farming. Below are the three zones you can farm for Thorium Ore.

Thorium Ore Farming Locations

Silithus Thorium Farming

Un'goro Crater Thorium Farming

Winterspring Thorium Farming





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