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Sprite Darter Egg

Sprite Darter Egg Farming Location

           The Sprite Darter Egg is one of the few locations I have documented that actually isn't that good for farming. Instead, this location is good for something I like to call "personal farming". What this means is if you really want the Sprite Darter Egg (its BoP) then this location will suit you well since you're working towards something you want while making some extra money. The only two ways you will make extra money here is through Skinning or Herbalism. Each of the Sprite Darters that you kill can be skinned and all throughout/around the camp you can find nodes of herbs.

           With both Skinning and Herbalism you will be able to maximize your profit from this location. Even just Skinning will give you quite a bit of money an hour here, as always it just depends on your level and how fast you can kill. There are about 15 Sprite Darters up in this camp and they have at least a two minute respawn time. This means that at level 70 or anything above it you will easily plow through these like nothing. After you've cleared the whole camp you can either kill the other animals in the area and skin them for some extra cash or if you don't have skinning kill the Taurens slightly to the north.

           The Taurens to the north would be a nice little break from farming the Sprite Darters. And also depending on what Tauren camp you go to (There are two, one far north and one right above the Sprite Darters, on a hill.) You will be able to keep track of when the Sprite Darters are respawning. Or of course if you have Herbalism or Mining you can just run around the area and collect goodies till your hearts content as you wait for them to respawn. As always, I leave that decision up to you. =)

Items of Interest

Sprite Darter Egg

Thick Leather

Heavy Leather

Grey Items To Vendor

Green Items to Disenchant





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