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Farming Goldthorn in Scarlet Monastery Cathedral



2019 - This guide has been updated with the release of the official WoW Classic Servers! Please use the updated version of this guide, SM Cathedral Goldthorn Farming Location. This page will be deleted in the future.


           Goldthorn is a great source of income and can be farmed easily by anyone that is at least level 50. All you need to do is leave a character logged out in Scarlet Monastery Cathedral with at least 150 Herbalism to gather Goldthorn periodically throughout the day. You will be able to gather the herb 5 times an hour before you max out your instances per hour that you're allowed to farm. Now there are two herbs that spawn inside of SM: Cath, one in the first courtyard and the other once you go up the stairs and into the other courtyard.

           On average with each gather you will get anywhere from 1 to 3 Goldthorn, up to 9 with the guild Bountiful Bags perk (literally having a chance to triple the amount you make with each gather). Now Goldthorn goes on average for 8 to 9g for each piece but don't think you can farm it endlessly and then sell 5,000g worth of Goldthorn over night. That is not how the Auction House works for things like this. Go farm up at least three stacks of Goldthorn and then put 10 - 15 of them on the Auction House for 8 or 9g a piece (if no one is lower than you) then you may sell some in the time they are on the Auction House.

           I have noticed that usually all or none sell over night and it is never the same person buying it. It usually takes me 2 or 3 days to sell a few stacks of Goldthorn, usually averaging 1 stack sold a day, or sometimes I get lucky and sell 2 or even 3 stacks a day, it really is completely random. The one thing I can tell you for certain though is you shouldn't expect to make bank with Goldthorn in a single day, it will trickle in over time, sometimes faster than others.

Goldthorn Spawn Locations

           For the sake of argument, above you can find a picture with all of the locations I have seen for Goldthorn in Cathedral. Now, it's not like it is hard to look at your mini map and track them down but some people prefer visual aid when it comes to things like this. If Goldthorn can spawn on one side of the map generally it will spawn on the other side of the map in the same location, exception being in the first courtyard I've never seen a spawn identical to "4".

           The only other thing of value that you will find here is Silk Cloth from the Scarlet NPCs when you need to kill them to get them away from your Goldthorn. Besides that there isn't much of value. Now you may say, well what about the Liferoot? I don't even bother with it, it sells for like 20s each and it is hard to sell even at that low price. If you'd like to gather it, I'm not stopping you.

Goldthorn Farming Video:

Items of Interest


Silk Cloth





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