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Emerald Whelpling

Emerald Whelpling Farming Location

Average Gold Per Hour: 5-10
Level Recommended: 40+
Rating: 6/10

           The Emerald Whelpling is another out of combat vanity pet that you can find and have follow you around or sell on the Auction House for some extra cash. Unlike a lot of the other Whelpling pets, the Emerald Whelpling has to be the most annoying one to farm. In a small corner of Swamp of Sorrows there is a very small Whelpling Camp. Here you will find roughly twenty whelps for you to kill, each of them with a chance to drop an Emerald Whelpling pet.

           Since there are so few Whelps for you to kill I don't really recommend this farming location over the level of 50. You simply will just clear out the camp way too fast and have to waste too much time waiting for respawns. One good thing about this farming location is that if you're a skinner, the profit you make here will be great. From the whelps you will get a good source of Medium and Heavy Leather which can sell on the Auction House from anywhere between 50s to 1g each!

           The final plus to farming here is if you're a Herbalist. All around the whelp camp you can find Goldthorn, Blindweed, Khadgar's Whisker and Fadeleaf. Each of these herbs are valuable to players with Alchemy and Inscription that are leveling their skills and will sell on the Auction House for a pretty penny.

Items of Interest

Medium Leather

Heavy Leather


Tiny Emerald Whelpling





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