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Deviate Hatchling

Average Gold Per Hour: 15-25g
Level Recommended: 45+
Rating: 8/10

           The Deviate Hatchling is a rare out of combat pet that was added in patch 3.2. This pet drops off of the Deviate Ravagers and Deviate Guardians at the entrance area of Wailing Caverns. Although the drop rate on the pet raptor is low, when you do find one it can sell for upwards of 1000g depending on your server! How fast you can run Wailing Caverns will depend solely upon your level. On my level 80 Paladin I can run through here in about 5 - 10 minutes. It will take slightly longer if you have skinning.

           As my level 64 Warrior I can clear WC in 10 - 15 minutes with skinning, meaning I have to stop after every mob and skill them. Also, as previously hinted at, another good plus while running Wailing Caverns is if you have Skinning. Being able to skin the raptors will almost double the income of money you make here when one of the vanity pets isn't dropping. Another good Tradeskill to have, if you don't have skinning, or even in combination, would be Herbalism. There are a few herbs that spawn around the entrance area, all of which you would be able to pick if you had Herbalism and your skill was high enough.

Deviate Hatchling

           Something to keep in mind about low-level Herbalism is that the herbs actually do sell. Usually for as much as 50 silver to 1g each! Mostly all higher levels are too lazy to go back and run around the zones so they will buy the herbs for ridiculous prices. The same applies to the low level leather that you will get here.

Items of Interest

Light Leather

Medium Leather

Deviate HatchlingDeviate Hatchling

Low Level Herbs





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