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Dark Whelpling Farming - Badlands

Average Gold Per Hour: 30
Level Recommended: 40
Rating: (For that level) 8/10

           One of two locations for players to farm for the Dark Whelping is in Badlands. The Dark Whelping is an out of combat pet that sells very well on the Auction House because of its rarity. On most realms, the Dark Whelpling will sell for 500 to 1000g! If you're a skinner than you will be making tons of money here just by farming and selling the Thick and Heavy Leather that you get. Or if you're a miner you will be able to collect any of the Mithril and Truesilver in the area.

           Another thing worth noting here is you will only find the Scalding Whelplings to the north and south of Lethor Ravine. Inside of Lethor Ravine itself is level 50 elite dragons which will probably kill you depending on your level. Also, the level 50 elite dragons do not drop the Dark Whelpling which means there is no reason for you to even bother killing them.

Dark Whelpling Badlands Farming Video:

Dark Whelpling Farming - Dustwallow Marsh

           The second place for you to farm for the Dark Whelpling is in Dustwallow Marsh. The drop rate and spawn rate is pretty on-par with the whelps in Badlands. The main difference between Dustwallow and Badlands, aside from the terrain, is Badlands is more geared towards miners and Dustwallow is more geared towards herbalism. Of course you don't need either of these professions to farm in either place but they will net you slightly more cash if you farm with them.

           Another big difference between Dustwallow Marsh and Badlands is convience. Just north of the location you will be farming in Dustwallow is Mudsprocket, a goblin town which both Alliance and Horde can fly to. For Alliance the location in Dustwallow will be much more convient to reach than the location in Badlands. The only downside of this location is players will constantly be running through here on their way to Onyxia. This could result in you being ganked every now and then which could become frustrating.

           As a side note, along the same lines of Onyxia, if you're bored and waiting for your raid to finish forming or to find a few more people you can farm for the Dark Whelpling. Something to keep in mind though, here, is that when/if the Dark Whelpling drops it will appear as a WHITE item. This means that if you have anything but free for all on and someone gets close enough to you that he will start getting loot, you could lose your whelpling. Of course, unless he loots it you will never know, but I figured it would be worth mentioning.

Dark Whelpling Dustwallow Farming Video:

Items of Interest

Grey Items to Vendor

Dark Whelpling

Greens to Disenchant or Sell

Heavy Leather

Thick Leather





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