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Copper Ore Farming

           Copper Ore is the lowest level ore in the game and can be gathered with a skill of just one. Now, you may think that since anyone with Mining can gather Copper Ore it will probably be so insanely abundant and practically worth nothing on the Auction House, but you would be wrong. Surprisingly Copper Bars sell for more than Tin and usually more than Iron as well. Which is quite surprising with how easy they are to obtain. Unlike mining a lot of the other veins and deposits out there, when mining for copper only the copper is worth money. Now you may be like "Well what do I do with all this other stuff?" The answer is, find a vendor and right click it all to sell it.

           Since this is most likely the very first mining guide you are visiting on my website here is how I have all of them setup. Each page will contain a detailed map showing you the exact location I found to be best for mining whatever mineral it is that you are after. In addition to that each page will also contain a video guide on the location which you can watch to see the path I mapped out in action as well as a rough estimate of how many mines you will find across the path. In addition to all of that each page will also have a list of loot you will most likely come across while mining the ore.

           Also, the index page of each location (this page that you're reading now) will have a list of all the items that you will come across while mining any of the paths which will tell you how much you can expect each of the items to sell for. It won't be an exact price, of course but it will be an extremely good rough estimate of how much gold you can expect to get for each item or for each stack of items. Now, as mentioned before, when farming Copper Ore here is a list of items that you should expect to find while mining.

Copper OreCopper Ore

Rough StoneRough Stone




           That is about the amount of money you can expect from each of the items you will get while mining Copper Ore. As I mentioned before, really nothing besides the copper is worth money at the Auction House. I mean sure, you can get some of the other items to sell but the amount it will sell for, amount of time it will take to sell and how much money you will have to pay in deposit costs to put it up on the Auction House repedatly in order to sell it just won't make it worth even remotly trying to sell.

           Anyway, enough ranting about what sells and what doesn't, you are here to hear about the locations to farm Copper. Below is a list of all the zones that I found good for copper farming and since it is such a low level ore I will name the faction which that location is appropriate for farming with, if that wasn't obvious just based on the zone.

Copper Bar(Horde) Copper Ore Farming in Durotar

Copper Bar(Horde) Copper Ore Farming in Northern Barrens

Copper Bar(Horde) Copper Ore Farming in Azshara

Copper Bar(Horde) Copper Ore Farming in Mulgore

Copper Bar(Alliance) Copper Ore Farming in Darkshore

Copper Bar(Alliance) Copper Ore Farming in Dun Morogh

Copper Bar(Alliance) Copper Ore Farming in Elwynn Forest





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