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Warsong Gulch Achievement Guides

Warsong Gulch VictoryWarsong Gulch Victory: Win Warsong Gulch.

Warsong Gulch VeteranWarsong Gulch Veteran: Win 100 WSG Matches

Capture the FlagCapture the Flag: Personally carry and capture the flag.

Save The DaySave The Day: Kill the enemy who is carrying your flag in the opposing team's flag room while the opposing teams flag is at their base within their control. This is stupidly confusing, for being very simplistic. What you need to do is kill the enemy flag carrier when they're about to cap your flag.

Supreme DefenderSupreme Defender: Kill 100 flag carriers in Warsong Gulch.

Persistent DefenderPersistent Defender: Return 50 flags as a defender in Warsong Gulch.

Not In My HouseNot In My House: In a single Warsong Gulch battle, kill 2 flag carriers before they leave the Silverwing Flag room. Just stay on defense, you'll eventually get it.

IronmanIronman: In a single Warsong Gulch battle, carry and capture the flag 3 times without dying. Get a premade and go to town. Or if you're a tank it will probably be fairly easy regardless.

Quick CapQuick Cap: Grab the flag and capture in under 75 seconds. Use both sprint boots, and maybe a swiftness potion.

Frenzied DefenderFrenzied Defender: Return 5 flags in a single Warsong Gulch.

Warsong ExpedienceWarsong Expedience: Win WSG in under 7 minutes. Organize a group and go at it.

Not So FastNot So Fast: Kill a player under the effects of the speed power up.

Warsong Gulch PerfectionWarsong Gulch Perfection: Win WSG with a score of 3 to 0.

Silverwing Sentinel (Warsong Outrider)Silverwing Sentinel (Warsong Outrider): Gain Exalted Reputation with the Silverwing Sentinel's or Warsong Outrider's if you're Horde. Do A lot of WSG, and by a lot... I mean a lot a lot.

Master of Warsong GulchMaster of Warsong Gulch: Complete all the WSG Achievements.





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