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Strand of the Ancients Achievement Guide

Strand of the Ancients VictoryStrand of the Ancients Victory: Win Strand of the Ancients.

Strand of the Ancients VeteranStrand of the Ancients Veteran: Complete 100 victories in Strand of the Ancients.

The Dapper SapperThe Dapper Sapper: Plant 100 Seaforium charges which successfully damage a wall. You can also damage your own walls with the seaforium.

Drop ItDrop It: Kill 100 players carrying seaforium.

Artillery VeteranArtillery Veteran: Destroy 100 vehicles using a turret. You need to be the one who gets the killing blow.

Not Even a ScratchNot Even a Scratch: Win a Strand of the Ancients without losing any siege vehicles.

Defense of the AncientsDefense of the Ancients: Defend the beach without losing any walls.

Explosives ExpertExplosives Expert: Plant 5 seaforium charges which successfully damage a wall in a single battle.

Ancient Courtyard ProtectorAncient Courtyard Protector: Kill 100 players in the Courtyard of the Ancients. This is the area right before the Titan Relic.

Steady HandsSteady Hands: Disarm 5 seaforium charges in a single battle. The wall players will mostly use these against is the final wall.

Artillery ExpertArtillery Expert: Destroy 5 vehicles using a turret in a single battle. No matter what, always get on a turret. You'll eventually get lucky enough to kill 5 of them. Oh, and you need to killing blow.

Ancient ProtectorAncient Protector: Kill 10 players in the Courtyard of Ancients in a single battle. Exactly how it sounds, get 10 HK's from people in the Courtyard of Ancients. Don't worry about focusing on it, it will happen.

Drop It Now!Drop It Now!: Kill 5 players carrying a seaforium charge in a single battle. You'll eventually get this.

Storm the BeachStorm the Beach: Capture the Titan Relic in under four minutes. Grab a group of friends and go to town.

Master of Strand of the AncientsMaster of Strand of the Ancients: Complete all of the Strand of the Ancients achievements.





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