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Reputations Achievement Guide

Ambassador of the Horde/AllianceAmbassador of the Horde/Alliance: Earn exalted reputation with all 5 of the main cities. The easiest way to do this is by doing Blood/Storm Crystal and Armor turn ins in Alterac Valley. The costly way is by turning in massive amounts of Runecloth.

40 Exalted Reputations40 Exalted Reputations: Raise 40 reputations to Exalted. This will take you awhile, a long while. Take a look at my reputations section for guides on each reputation you can raise.

The DiplomatThe Diplomat: Raise your reputation to Exalted with Timbermaw Hold, Sporeggar and Mag'har (Or Kurenai) Click on the links below for guides on each faction.

Timbermaw Rep Guide
Sporeggar Rep Guide
Mag'har and Kurenai Rep Guide

The Argent ChampionThe Argent Champion: Raise your reputation to exalted with The Argent Crusade and The Argent Dawn. The Argent Dawn is a classic WoW faction that used to be a max level (level 60) faction but with the revamp Cataclysm brought to the world Eastern Plaguelands is now a 40s zone. Also Argent Dawn Reputation can no longer be gained from running Strath or Scholo you now must complete quests in Eastern Plaguelands to raise your reputation. As for the Argent Crusade they are still a Northrend faction primarily found in Icecrown.

Argent Dawn Reputation Guide
Argent Crusade Reputation Guide

Guardian of CenariusGuardian of Cenarius: Earn Exalted Status with the Cenarion Circle and the Cenarion Expedition. Click on the links below to read my reputation guides for each faction.

The Cenarion Expedition
The Cenarion Circle
























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