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Noblegarden Achievement Guide

I Found One!I Found One!: Find a Brightly Colored Egg. You can find the eggs around any of the level 5 starter towns.

Chocolate LoverChocolate Lover: Eat 25 Noblegarden Chocolates during the Noblegarden celebration. You get the chocolate from the eggs that you find.

Sunday's FinestSunday's Finest: Discover the White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants by opening Brightly Colored Eggs during the Noblesgarden celebration.

Dressed for the OccasionDressed for the Occasion: Discover the Elegant Dress by opening Brightly Colored Eggs during the Noblesgarden celebration.

Hard BoiledHard Boiled: Lay an egg in Un'goro Crater Golakka Hot Springs as a rabbit during the Noblegarden celebration. Open Brightly Colored Eggs until you get the buff that turns you into a bunny. Then head over to Un'goro and lay a Brightly Colored Egg in the Golakka Hot Springs. It's best if you have a Warlock and friends there to summon you, any damage and mounting will break the effect.

Spring FlingSpring Fling: Find your pet Spring Rabbit another one to love in each of the towns listed below. First you will need to get a Spring Rabbit pet from an egg, or purchase it for 100 Noblegarden Chocolates. Once you have that you'll need to find another Spring Rabbit in each of the 4 Factions starting towns.

Noble GardenNoble Garden: Hide a Brightly Colored Egg in Silvermoon City or Stormwind City if you're Alliance. Anywhere in the city will work.

Shake Your Bunny-MakerShake Your Bunny-Maker: Use Spring Flowers to place rabbit ears upon females of at least 18th level. You have to use Spring Flowers on a female of each race, Horde and Alliance.

Desert RoseDesert Rose: Use Spring Robes to plant a flower in each of the deserts listed below. Spring Robes can be purchased from a vendor with Chocolates or looted from a Brightly colored egg.

- The Badlands
- Silithus
- Thousand Needles
- Desolace
- Tanaris

Blushing BrideBlushing Bride: Kiss someone wearing an Elegant Dress while wearing a White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants.





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