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Isle of Conquest Achievement Guide

A-bomb-inationA-bomb-ination: In a single Isle of Conquest battle, use 5 Huge Seaforium Bombs on the enemy gates. Very easy achievement to do, grab a Huge Seaforium Bomb from inside of your enemies keep and use it on a gate 5 times. Don't get discouraged if they're heavily defending and you can't pull this off, just wait for a game where not many Alliance or Horde are defending.

Back Door JobBack Door Job: In Isle of Conquest, enter the enemy courtyard while their gates still stand. You can do this one of two ways. If you own the Hangar you can get on the large ship and jump into the base. Or if you own the docks you can hop onto a Catapult and launch yourself into the enemy keep.

A-bomb-inableA-bomb-inable: In a single Isle of Conquest battle, use 5 Seaforium Bombs on the enemy gates. You can get the regular Seaforium Bombs from the Workshop when your faction owns it. Once you have them head over to the enemies gate and use it 5 times.

Isle of Conquest VictoryIsle of Conquest Victory: Win Isle of Conquest.

All Over the IsleAll Over the Isle: In a single Isle of Conquest battle, kill a player at each of the following locations:

- Workshop
- Hangar
- Docks
- Horde Keep
- Alliance Keep

Isle of Conquest VeteranIsle of Conquest Veteran: Complete 100 victories in Isle of Conquest.

Isle of Conquest All-StarIsle of Conquest All-Star: In a single Isle of Conquest battle, assault a base, defend a base, destroy a vehicle and kill a player. This one will be a rather difficult one to pull off. The easiest bases to defend and assault are the Quarry and Refinery. Your on your own for the other two parts =(.

Resource GlutResource Glut: Win Isle of Conquest while your faction controls both the Quarry and Refinery. I hate to say it, but this will eventually happen, so I don't recommend trying for it. However, if you want it fun back between the bases and make sure they're protected.

Four Car GarageFour Car Garage: In Isle of Conquest, control each of the four vehicles.

- Glaive Thrower (Spawns at the Docks)
- Demolisher (Spawns at the Workshop)
- Catapult (Spawns at the Docks)
- Siege Engine (Spawns at the Workshop)

Mowed DownMowed Down: In Isle of Conquest kill 100 players and 10 vehicles with turrets. Both the towers you use to defend your base as well as the towers on the Zeppelins work.

Cut the Blue Wire... No the Red Wire!Cut the Blue Wire... No the Red Wire!: In Isle of Conquest disarm 25 bombs. You don't have to do this in a single BG.

Demolition DerbyDemolition Derby: Destroy the following vehicles in Isle of Conquest:

- Glaive Thrower
- Demolisher
- Catapult
- Siege Engine

Glaive GraveGlaive Grave: In Isle of Conquest, kill 10 players with a Glaive Thrower without dying. Only your death counts, you can use the more then one Glaive Thrower for the achievement.

Master Isle of ConquestMaster Isle of Conquest: Complete all of the Isle of Conquest achievements above.





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