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First Aid Achievement Guide

Grand Master in First AidGrand Master in First Aid: Become a Grand Master in First Aid. Requires you to train Grand Master First Aid. You will need to raise your skill to 350 before you can train it.

Illustrious Grand Master in First AidIllustrious Grand Master in First Aid: Obtain 525 skill points in first aid. Requires you to train Illustrious Grand Master First Aid. You will need to raise your skill in First Aid to 450 before you can train it.

Stocking UpStocking Up: Create 500 Heavy Frostweave Bandages. You'll eventually get this achievement, it will take time. To initially create the Heavy Frostweave Bandages you will need to find a book that is a random drop around Northrend.

Preparing for DisasterPreparing for Disaster: Create 500 Dense Embersilk Bandages.

Ultimate TriageUltimate Triage: Use a Heavy Frostweave Bandage or any Embersilk Bandage to heal yourself or another player with less then 5% health.























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