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Eye of the Storm Achievement Guide

Eye of the Storm VictoryEye of the Storm Victory: Win an EoTS match.

Eye of the Storm VeteranEye of the Storm Veteran: Win 100 EoTS matches.

The Perfect StormThe Perfect Storm: Win EoTS with a score of 2000 to 0. Just grab a group of friends make an Organized EoTS group and have at it.

Eye of the Storm DominationEye of the Storm Domination: Win Eye of the Storm 10 times while holding all 4 bases. Exactly how it sounds. It will take some time if you pug it all but if you run an organized it will take about an hour.

FlurryFlurry: Win an EoTS in under 6 minutes. Grab a pre made and go to town!

StormtrooperStormtrooper: Kill 5 flag carriers in a single EoTS. Camp the center and let them grab the flag, then kill them.

Bound for GloryBound for Glory: Capture a flag 3 times in a single EoTS match.

Storm GloryStorm Glory: While your team holds 4 bases personally grab and capture the flag.

Bloodthirsty BerserkerBloodthirsty Berserker: Get a killing blow while under the effects of the Berserker buff in EoTS.

Storm CapperStorm Capper: Personally carry and capture the flag in EoTS.

Take a Chill PillTake a Chill Pill: Kill someone who is under the effects of the Berserker Power up.

Stormy AssassinStormy Assassin: In a single EoTS kill 5 people at each of the 4 bases. This means get 5 HK's at each of the four bases. It's fairly easy.

Master Eye of the StormMaster Eye of the Storm: Complete all of the achievements above.





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