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Archaeology Achievement Guide

Illustrious Grand Master in ArchaeologyIllustrious Grand Master in Archaeology: Reach a skill of 525 in Archaeology. You must have a skill of at least 450 before training Illustrious Grand Master in Archaeology.

DiggerestDiggerest: Find 100 common artifacts.

That Belongs in a Museum!That Belongs in a Museum!: Find 20 rare artifacts.

It's Always in the Last Place You LookIt's Always in the Last Place You Look: Recover archaeology artifacts from each of the following races.

- Draenei
- Dwarf
- Fossil
- Nerubian
- Night Elf
- Orc
- Tol'vir
- Troll
- Vrykul

Seven SceptersSeven Scepters: Recover the following scepters from the various races of Azeroth.

- Scepter of Charlga Razorflank
- Atal'ai Scepter
- Scepter of Xavius
- Scepter of Nekros Skullcrusher
- Scepter of Nathrezim
- Scepter of Nezar'Azret
- Scepter of Bronzebeard

Tragedy In Three ActsTragedy In Three Acts: Recover the following Night Elf artifacts that tell the fateful story of Pyramond and Theleste.

- Delicate Music Box
- Cloak Clasp with Antlers
- Hairpin of Silver and Malachite
- Chest of Tiny Glass Animals
- Cracked Crystal Vial
- Silver Scroll Case

Blue StreakBlue Streak: Discover who slew the dread wyrm Kaldrigos by collecting the following artifacts.

- Notched Sword of Tunadil the Redeemer
- Dented Shield of Horuz Killcrow
- Scorched Staff of Shadow Priest Anund
- Silver Kris of Krol

The Harder They FallThe Harder They Fall: Discover how orc Chieftan Hargal was killed by collecting the following artifacts.

- Tiny Bronze Scorpion
- Maul of Stone Guard Mur'og
- Gray Candle Stub
- Rusted Steak Knife

Kings Under the MountainKings Under the Mountain: Discover the following artifacts of the Dark Iron thanes.

- Mithril Chain of Angerforge
- Moltenfist's Jeweled Goblet
- Winged Helm of Corehammer
- Ironstar's Petrified Shield
- Skull Staff of Shadowforge
- Spiked Gauntlets of Anvilrage
- Warmaul of Burningeye

The Boy Who Would Be KingThe Boy Who Would Be King: Recover the following tol'vir artifacts that tell of the rise and fall of Emperor Ninjter.

- Cat Statue with Emerald Eyes
- Soapstone Scarab Necklace
- Tiny Oasis Mosaic
- Engraved Scimitar Pommel
- Sketch of a Desert Palace
- Canopic Jar





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