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Arathi Basin Achievement Guide

Arathi Basin VictoryArathi Basin Victory: Win an Arathi Basin.

Arathi Basin VeteranArathi Basin Veteran: Win 100 Arathi Basin Matches.

Arathi Basin PerfectionArathi Basin Perfection: Win Arathi Basin with a score of 2000 to 0. This can be done with a pug. But much much easier in a premade.

Me and the Cappin' Makin' It HappenMe and the Cappin' Makin' It Happen: Capture 50 flags in Arathi Basin. They must be alliance or Horde controlled for it to count. A contested flag counts as a defended flag.

Disgracin' The BasinDisgracin' The Basin: Assault 3 bases in a single Arathi Basin. Run around the whole match and only attack enemies bases.

Overly DefensiveOverly Defensive: Defend 3 bases in a single Arathi Basin. Very similar to the above achievement. Run around the whole time and only defend bases.

To The Rescue!To The Rescue!: Come to the defense of a base in Arathi Basin 50 times by recapping the flag. Exactly how it sounds, recap a flag that is currently contested.

Resilient VictoryResilient Victory: Overcome a 500 resource disadvantage in a match of Arathi Basin and claim victory. Exactly how it sounds, be down 500 resources and come back for the win!

Territorial DominanceTerritorial Dominance: Win 10 Arathi Basin's with a 5 cap. This is exactly how it sounds, win all 10 Arathi Basins by controlling all 5 bases. For good strategies on how to 5 cap and on Arathi Basin click here.

Let's Get This DoneLet's Get This Done: Win Arathi Basin in 6 minutes. Grab a group of friends, 5 cap the enemy team and laugh. For good strategies on how to 5 cap and on Arathi Basin click here.

We Had It All Along *cough*We Had It All Along *cough*: Win Arathi Basin by 10 points. This means you and the other team have to be at 1990. Then the person who gets the last points wins and gets the achievement.

The Defiler(Or Arathor)The Defiler(Or Arathor): Gain Exalted Reputation with the Reputation involving Arathi Basin. either The Defiler's if you're Horde or The League of Arathor if you're Alliance.

Arathi Basin All-StarArathi Basin All-Star: Assault and Defend two bases in the same Arathi Basin. Don't bother with anything aside from running around and Capping/Defending Bases.

Arathi Basin AssassinArathi Basin Assassin: Get 5 Honorable Kills at each of the bases in a single Arathi Basin. This achievement is a lot easier then it sounds. Start at the Blacksmith, grab 5 kills from the attack and then go to the next base under attack, usually GM or Lumbermill. Wait here until you get all 5 and move on. Follow around the attacking force and you'll get it in no time.

Master of Arathi BasinMaster of Arathi Basin: Complete all of the Arathi Basin Achievements.





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