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Alterac Valley Achievement Guide

The Sickly GazelleThe Sickly Gazelle: Kill an enemy player in the Field of Strife before they unmount.

Alterac Valley VictoryAlterac Valley Victory: Win Alterac Valley.

Hero of the Frostwolf ClanHero of the Frostwolf Clan(Or Stormpike): Hit Exalted with your faction for Alterac Valley.

Alterac Valley VeteranAlterac Valley Veteran: Complete 100 victories in Alterac Valley

Alterac Grave RobberAlterac Grave Robber: Take 50 Graveyards in Alterac Valley. This means you capture a graveyard from an enemy. When you finish capping the flag it will register.

Tower DefenseTower Defense: Defend 50 Towers in Alterac Valley. This means you take the flag back when an enemy has it under the "being capped" stage.

Loyal DefenderLoyal Defender: In Alterac Valley, kill 50 enemy players in the Hall of the Frostwolf.

Everything CountsEverything Counts: Win an Alterac Valley while your team controls both mines. Exactly how it sounds, you must control both mines.

The Alterac BlitzThe Alterac Blitz: Win Alterac Valley in under 6 minutes. This is not impossible, just requires a lot of coordination and no retards. Which eliminates about 3/4 of this game. Get a bunch of friends together, use the AV preform enabler and go to town.

Frostwolf(Stormpike) PrefectionFrostwolf(Stormpike) Prefection: Don't lose any towers, any captains and control all of the alliance towers. Really, make the whole map Blue and Grey or Red and Grey.

Alterac Valley All-StarAlterac Valley All-Star: In a single battle, assault a graveyard, defend a graveyard, assault a tower, defend a tower and slay someone in the field of strife. Let me be the first to say this achievement is fucking stupid and it fucking sucks. This will take you awhile. The best order I've found to do it in is as follows

For Horde:

1. Assault Stonehearth
2. Kill someone in the field of strife
3. Defend Iceblood Tower
4. Assault North or South Bunker
5. Port back and try to Defend Frostwolf

For Alliance:

1. Kill someone in the Field of Strife
2. Assault Iceblood Tower
3. Defend Stonehearth Graveyard
4. Check both nearby towers and defend one of them
5. Assault Stormpike GY when they take it, Stonehearth or Frostwolf.

Frostwolf Howler (Stormpike Ram)Frostwolf Howler (Stormpike Ram): Obtain a Frostwolf Howler or Stormpike Ram. Both are mounts that you can buy with Alterac Valley Marks.

To the Looter Go the SpoilsTo the Looter Go the Spoils: Loot an Autographed picture of Furor and Tigole in Alterac Valley. This will only drop from looting other players. Just shift right click people that you kill until you get it.

Master of Alterac ValleyMaster of Alterac Valley: Complete the Alterac Valley Achievements listed below. This achievement requires you to do all of the achievements on this page. Roughly 200 Alterac Valleys.





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