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           Scavenging is one of the 4 Gathering tradeskills in WAR. Scavenging allows you to scavenge human like mobs. As Mark Jacobs said, if its smart enough to wear clothes its probably scavenge able. The items you get from Scavenging are used in all 3 tradeskills. Scavenging is the tradeskill you want if you're looking for money or if you plan on grabbing Talisman Making.

           As a Scavenger your main source of income will be from... Well... Everything. With scavenging you will find Water, Dust, Seeds, Watering cans and more. Scavenging is good with ether Crafting profession and if all you want is money, you just can't go wrong. As with Butchering the level of mob depends on what level loot you will get when Scavenging them. Here is a quick reference table for you;

1-10 Mobs 1-50 Loot
11-20 Mobs 51-100 Loot
21-30 Mobs 101-150 Loot
31-40 Mobs 151-200 Loot

Here are a few useful links for Scavenging;


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