Ashreaver Tribe Stronghold

           This area is located in Cinderfall which is east of Thunder Mountain, but still considered part of Thunder Mountain. In the northern portion of Cinderfall you'll find a Gnoblar PQ. This PQ has Gnoblars all over it, ranging from single pulls to packs of 4. Making it perfect for any type of player.

Craftman's Relic Box
Fragments 100+
Curios 100+
Gold Dust 100+
Eight Leaf Clover
Rhinox Horn
Primordial Petrified Root
Timeworn Statuette
Artisan's Relic Box


Thunder Mountain (Cinderfall) Butchering Area

           Same as the Scavenging location, this path is located west of Thunder Mountain, In Cinderfall. There is a valley here in Cinderfall jam packed with Salamanders. These Salamanders are so close together it's not even funny. Luckily you can pull them from ranged or just run through and round any amount of them you want up.

Gore 125+
Humor's 125+
Scales 125+
Lizard Tongues 125+