Heinrich Estate PQ

           A great spot to scavenge in Reikland is the Heinrich Estate PQ in southern Reikland. There are pissed off peasents standing outside the gate that are all over the place for you to kill. They drop half way decent loot from Scavenging and by the time you kill both packs, the first pack will be respawned.

Craftsman Relic Box
Fragments 100+
Curios 100+
Gold Dust 100+
Eight Leaf Clover
Rhinox Horn
Primordial Petrified Root
Horned Effigy
Timeworn Statuette


Reikland Butchering

            A great spot, well, great thing to Butcher in Reikland is the wolves. The Wolves are located down the side of almost every road in Reikland and are a great source of Nutrients. In addition to the wolves along side all of the roads you also have the wolves in the cave leading to Heinrich Estate. They have a fairly decent spawn time as well!

Wolf Blood 100+
Canine Teeth 100+
Gores 100+
Humor's 100+