Ambush Pass (Scavenging)

           Ambush Pass is a great farming spot for Scavengers, mainly because there are so many level 31 Troll Champions around. Also if they get boring you can always just head a tad more east and do the PQ, which the mobs at the Pq also have a fairly good drop rate for epic Fragments and greens.

Gold Dust 100+
Timeworn Statuette
Primordial Petrified Root
Eight Leaf Clover
Containers 50+


Kadrin Valley Butchering Location

           A great spot to Butcher in Kadrin Valley is just north of the Hungry Troll Pub, our chapter 16 town. Aside from just the Boars in this area you also have Kadrin Bats, which are used for the Kill Collector quest.

Bile 100+
Bore 100+
Humor's 100+
Boar Blood 100+