Celynath Vineyards PQ

           The Celynath Vineyards is a great place to farm while you're waiting for an Eataine flip. There are a lot of Ogres and Gnoblars here for you to kill. You can easily build your own pack of mobs anywhere from 1 mob to 20, the farmlands are jam packed with ogres and Gnoblars. The hut at the end of the path (Near the my green arrow on the map) has ogres standing around it.

Timeworn Statuette
Horned Effigy
Primordial Petrified Root
Rhinox Horn
Incandescent Gold Dust
Radiant Gold Dust
Epic Fragments (125-150)


Eataine Butchering

           Eataine is the most Butchering Friendly zone for Order. You can find Animals just about everywhere in this zone. I prefer to stay near the Warcamp, however just because there is a flightpath a click away.

Wolf Blood 100+
Canine Teeth 100+
Gores 100+
Humor's 100+
Bear Teeth 100+