Dragonwake Scavenging

           Northwest of where the Boars are, you'll find a bunch of Squishy Zealots. They are up on top the hill, and sit in packs from 2 to 5. These guys have very low armor (as you can tell from their naked upper body) which means they have almost no health and are very susceptible to melee damage.

Craftman's Relic Box
Fragments 100+
Curios 100+
Gold Dust 100+
Eight Leaf Clover
Rhinox Horn
Primordial Petrified Root
Timeworn Statuette
Artisan's Relic Box


Dragonwake Butchering

           Just north of the High Elf Chapter 17 town on the border of Dragonwake and Eataine you will find a good amount of Boars. The boars go up all along the right and left side of the path as well as across the water on the Eataine side. Be careful if you go across the water, you could accidentally zone into Eataine when the zone flips.

Boar Blood 125+
Bile 125+
Gores 125+
Humor's 125+