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Reikland Rain of Fire Public Quest

           There is a great spot to AoE farming in Reikland at the Rain of Fire PQ. Being the actual PQ, but still in it you can find a group of Soldiers that are fighting each other. You can pull these guys in any amount you want, there are about 10 here. Also by the time you pull all of them, kill them and Scavenge them they will all be alive and ready for you to kill again.

Carnosaur Stinger
War-Hardened Heart
Memento of Hope
Master Artificer's Reliquary
Eight Leaf Clover
Horned Effigy
Primordial Petrified Root
Rhinox Horn
Incandescent Gold Dust
Radiant Gold Dust
Epic Fragments (125-200)

Reikland Butchering Location

           When Reikland is contested a great mob to farm if you're Butchering is the Reikland Stalkers and Prowlers. These kitties are located all along the side of the road. And by road, I mean pretty much every single road through the whole zone.

Gores 175+
Feline Teeth 175+
Cat Sinew 175+
Humor's 175+





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