Dawnbreak Manor Public Quest

           Dawnbreak Manor is a great spot to farm some extra cash in Eataine. You'll find packs of mobs all around this place, that are all fairly easy to kill as well. They do have Archers, which obviously shoot at you but have very little health. Making up for the fact that they are harder to round up. Also the Archers are usually along the edges, allowing you to pull mobs from the inside then out to them, allowing you to easily round them up.

Curios 150+
Fragments 150+
Artisan's Relic Box
Eight Leaf Clover
Master Artificer's Reliquery
Primordial Petrified Root
Carnosaur Stinger
War-Hardened Heart
Rhinox Horn
Memento of Hope


Eataine Butchering

           A great spot to Butcher in Eataine is right on the hill near the Warcamp and our chapter 21 town. Up on this hill you will find Bears and Wolves giving you a nice varity. The mobs here are also generally level 40 and 41, which means your chance to get level 200 Nutrients from them is much greater.

Wolf Blood 175+
Canine Tooth 175+
Gores 175+
Humor's 175+
Bear Teeth 175+
(For some reason)
Chimera Sinew 100+





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