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Caladain Public Quest Farming

           For Dark Elf Chapter 19 there are a cluster of 3 PQs, The Caladain Steppe, The Caladain Furnace and The Caladain Gate. All 3 of these PQs are great for farming. I'll leave the decision up to you, of which one you'd like to farm. I will say that all of these PQs are fairly equal in gold per hour, although The Caladain Gate PQ is much easier to complete then the other two, so if you're going for bags for anything in them... Do that one.

Curios 100+
Fragments 100+
Epic Fragments (rare)
Artisan's Relic Box
Eight Leaf Clover
Master Artificer's Reliquery
Greens and Blues

Butchering Farming Locations

           The boars on the Dragonwake/Eataine border make a great farming location for anyone who is in the area. In addition, near by to the Boars, right across the bridge from the Warcamp there is also a small spawn of wolves. This is another good location for Butchering, however there aren't many wolves and they don't respawn very fast.

Bile 125+
Gore 125+
Humor's 125+
Boar Blood 125+





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