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The Storm Is Coming Farming

           One of the best AoE farming spots for the level, makes one of the best farming PQ's. The Storm Is Comming is a perfect example of what a good farming PQ looks like. Mobs that are jam packed together, drop amazing loot, have almost no health and hit like pansies.

Timeworn Statuette
Horned Effigy
Primordial Petrified Root
Rhinox Horn
Incandescent Gold Dust
Radiant Gold Dust
Epic Fragments (125-150)


Reaping Pain PQ Farming

           The best butchering spot in Chaos Wastes is the Reaping Pain PQ. Well actually, I should probably correct that and say the only butchering spot in Chaos Wastes. This place isn't too shabby etheir. Here you'll be killing the tentacles, they are the only thing that you can Butcher.

Daemon Vines 100+
Animal Humor's 100+
Gores 100+





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