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The Fortress of Caledor Farming

           Caledor has another one of my favorite farming locations, which is The Fortress of Caledor PQ. There is a perfect place to sit right up by the gate and farm a pack of mobs that respawns almost instantly. In addition these mobs are very squishy, making them great for melee AoE'ers.

           During phase 2, packs of around 5 champions will spawn here and run to intercept the Destruction forces that are coming to smash down the gate. If you are able to handle the champions, then by all means kill them. If not, just go afk until the stage advances

Craftsman Relic Box
Fragments 100+
Curios 100+
Gold Dust 100+
Eight Leaf Clover
Rhinox Horn
Primordial Petrified Root
Horned Effigy
Timeworn Statuette


Caledor Butchering

           South of the warcamp you will find a small area with about 5-10 Boars mixed in with drakes. These guys are close to the Warcamp and have a half way decent drop rate for nutrients, Gores and all that fun stuff.

Boar Blood 100+
Bile 100+
Humor's 100+
Gores 100+





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