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Morkfang Da Mad PQ Farming

           This is one of the best PQ's I've found in Black Crag for Destruction to farm. The mobs are all very close together and the first stage is very long. You can also scavenge these guys for half way decent stuff.

Money per kill: 1s 50c

Normal Loot:
Mostly Vendor trash with the occasional Green or Blue.

Timeworn Statuette
Horned Effigy
Primordial Petrified Root
Rhinox Horn
Incandescent Gold Dust
Radiant Gold Dust
Epic Fragments (125-150)


Butchering Farming Location

           The best place for butchering that is easily excessable to Destruction is right outside of our chapter 15 camp. You'll find a reasonable amount of Wolves and Cats out here for you to butcher.

Gores 75+
Feline Teeth 75+
Cat Sinews 75+
Humor's 75+





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