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Squig Herder

Squig Herders are the only class on destruction that are able to control a pet. As such, the special mechanic of the Squig Herder is his ability to have a Squig. Squig Herders have 4 different types of Squigs, Regular Squig, Horned Squig, Gas Squig and Spiked Squig. Each squig has its own strengths and weaknesses each squig gives the Squig Herder different bonuses.

Order Mirror Class: Shadow Hunter


**If you are reading this in 2017 and playing the WAR Emulator take what you read here with a grain of salt. The guides were written for WAR when it first came out and most of the class guides were submitted to me - they will still contain useful information but not all of the information will be accurate**


Attributes and What Best Benefits You

Strength: Increases Melee Damage, Works on your melee abilities. Not very useful

Toughness: Decreases the damage taken, The amount it decreases it by is minimum. Some what useful.

Wounds: Increases your total health, Extremly useful

Initiative: Increases your chance to avoid attacks, helps detect stealthed enemies and decreases your chance to be crit. A good stat to have, not the best to focus on.

Weapon Skill: Increases your chance to parry attacks and penetrate your opponents armor.

Ballistic Skill: Your best stat right along side Wounds. Focus on this if you want to do damage.

Intelligence: Useless.

Willpower: Willpower increases healing done (Which doesn't benefit you) and increases your chance to disrupt your enemies spells. It also gives you a chance to resist your enemies spells. Minorly benefits you.

In summary, the two stats you will want to focus are Ballistic Skill and Wounds.

Resistances and You

As far as resist go you have Elemental, Spiritual and Corporeal. Stack your resists in the order I give below;

Elemental: Stacking elemental will help you against those pesky Bright Wizards.

Corporeal: Will help you against Engineers, Shadow Warriors and .... Bright Wizards.

Spiritual: Helps against Archmages and Shadow Warriors.

Playing A Squig Herder

Squig Herders are the masters of ranged combat on destruction. You will need to learn how to kite your enemies to survive as a Squig Herder. Your most difficult task will be to micro manage controlling your squig and kiting. It's not to hard kiting one person, but when you have to avoid more then one it can get hairy.

Luckily Squig Herders have certain abilities to help you out while kiting, such as "Stop Runnin!" and "Sticky Squigz". Squig Herders also have "Drop That!" and "Bounce". Drop That! will stop Disarm the target, this should be used if a melee class is getting close to you. It will prevent him from being able to slow you. Use Bounce if someone gets too close as well.

As far as leveling goes, I highly recommend going into Big Shootin' far enough for Poison Arrer. Poison Arrer is the main ability that I love on my Squig Herder, without it I honestly wouldn't even find the class fun. After you get that ability finish off your points in Big Shootin, grab the rank 4 moral ability then dumb the rest into Quick Shootin.

It's important to know what bonuses your squigs give you. So, below I've listed them;

Normal Squig: Generates more threat then your other squigs, best choice for soloing in PvE

Horned Squig: Your range is increased by 10% as long as this squig is alive.

Gas Squig: Your armor is increased by 100%

Spiked Squig: You can auto attack with your ranged weapon, while moving. Also increases your crit chance by 5%.

When soloing you'll probably always want to choose your normal squig. In RvR I usually use the Horned Squig depending on the situation I may swap it with a Spiked Squig.

Pluses and Minuses to Playing A Squig Herder

+ Very fun class when you can perch yourself up on a rock so your enemies can't get you.

+ Able to control a pet

- Squishy

- Very weak in melee combat (+ Very Strong Ranged Combat)

- The learning curve for kiting may be steep for some players.


- Learn your squigs strengths and weaknesses. Also learn the bonuses they give to you.

- If people are attacking your squig, when its almost dead use Farty Squig. This will allow you to instantly summon another squig.

- Don't forget De-Taunt

Recommended Specs

(Coming Soon after 1.3)





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