The Slayer is a "Balls to the Wall" Melee DPS class, just like the Choppa. Their special mechanic is Rage. When they are hit or when they hit stuff they generate Rage. There are two parts to rage, Furious and Berserk. When a Slayer is Furious they do 25% more damage and take 25% more damage. When they are Berserk they do 50% more damage and take 50% more damage.

Destruction Mirror Class: Choppa


**If you are reading this in 2017 and playing the WAR Emulator take what you read here with a grain of salt. The guides were written for WAR when it first came out and most of the class guides were submitted to me - they will still contain useful information but not all of the information will be accurate**


Attributes and How They Effect You

Strength: Increases Melee Damage, this is one of the best stats for you since it increases your overall damage.

Toughness: Decreases the damage taken, The amount it decreases it by is minimum.

Wounds: Increases your total health

Initiative: Increases your chance to avoid attacks, helps detect stealthed enemies and decreases your chance to be crit. A good stat to have, not the best to focus on.

Weapon Skill: Increases your chance to parry attacks and penetrate your opponents armor. Second most usefull damage dealing stat for a Slayer.

Ballistic Skill: Completly useless to a Slayer

Intelligence: Equally useless for a Slayer

Willpower: Willpower increases healing done (Which doesn't benefit you) and increases your chance to disrupt your enemies spells. It also gives you a chance to resist your enemies spells.

In summary the most important stats for you are Strength and Wounds. Then you should stack Toughness and Weapon Skill after you've gotten a comfortable amount of Strength and Wounds.


As far as resists go you have Elemental, Corporeal and Spiritual. Stack your resists in the order I give you;

Spiritual: It will help protect you against Sorcerer's and Magus's

Corporeal: This will help protect you against Sorcerer's and Magus's as well.

Elemental: This will help protect you against Squig Herder's AoE attacks and other misc abilities.

Playing a Slayer

The first and foremost important thing that you need to keep in mind as a Slayer is always play defensivly. If you find yourself constantly stacking strength and getting killed before you can kill someone, get some Wounds. My motto is "You can't do damage if you're dead". You will always find out that the person stacking pure damage will get beat by the person stacking health.

You will also have to watch your Rage level, try not to let it stay in the 50% area long, if you do you're going to go down SUPER fast. Usually when my rage gets to Berserk, I let loose an Exhausting ability. Also, it's important that if you're getting kited always get rid of your rage the second you reach furious, so you're not taking extra damage.

When leveling a Slayer I recommend you go "The Skavenslayer" path. This path focus's on AoE effects and the second you get your Flurry ability, you'll know why I say focus on this path. Up until the level you get your "No Escape" ability you will want to use your Precarious Assault ability to Exhaust your rage. An alternative ability to use is also Wild Swing but it does signifigantly less damage until you're higher up in the tree.

Once you have No Escape you can easily take on 4-5 mobs at a time. Usually I go up into the talent tree for the rank 4 moral next. Once you have the rank 4 moral dump the rest of your points into The Giantslayer tree.

Pluses and Minuses to the Slayer

+ Can put out a ton of damage to a single target, or multiple targets depending on your spec

+ You will be feared by squishy classes such as Sorcerer, Squig Herder, Shaman, and Zealot.

+ If you like the Up-In-Your-Face type of class, this is the class for you

- You will go down pretty fast if you don't manage your Rage levels well and don't have a healer.

- Can be easily kited if you don't know what you're doing


- Keep your Reckless Gamble aura on at all times. It will stay on you when you die, but sometimes it randomly disappears. You will need to refresh it everytime you level.

- Always focus on the squishy targets, you will want to take out anyone you can as fast as possible.

- If you're being kited use any ability you can to get rid of your rage, so you don't take a lot of damage.

- Don't forget you have detaunt!

Recommended Specs

(Will add after 1.3)