The Shaman is the greenskin healer, who's special mechanic is Waaagh. Waaagh has two parts, Mork and Gork. Mork is the damage dealing Waaagh where as Gork is the Healing Waaagh. When you use a Damaging spell you will gain 1 of Gork's Waaagh. This will decrease the cast time of your next healing spell. When you use a Healing Spell you will generate Mork's Waaagh. This will increase the potency of your next damaging spell.

Order Mirror Class: Archmage


**If you are reading this in 2017 and playing the WAR Emulator take what you read here with a grain of salt. The guides were written for WAR when it first came out and most of the class guides were submitted to me - they will still contain useful information but not all of the information will be accurate**


Attributes and How They Effect You

Strength: Virtually useless for you

Toughness: Decreases damage taken, good for you but don't focus primarily on it.

Wounds: Increases your health. Very important stat if you want to stay alive.

Initiative: Increase your chance to evade attacks, detect stealthed enemies and lowers your chance to be critically hit. Nice stat to have, but not something to focus on.

Weapon Skill: Useless for a Shaman

Intelligence: If you want to do damage as a shaman, this is the most important stat aside from Wounds.

Ballistic Skill: Useless to a Shaman

Willpower: This is your most important healing stat, You will want to focus on this if you decide to heal.

In summary, you will want to focus on Willpower and Wounds if you want to heal. If you want to deal damage you will want to focus on Intelligence and Wounds.


As far as resist go you have Elemental, Spiritual and Corporeal. Stack your resists in the order I give below;

Elemental: Stacking elemental will help you against those pesky Bright Wizards.

Corporeal: Will help you against Engineers, Shadow Warriors and .... Bright Wizards.

Spiritual: Helps against Archmages and Shadow Warriors.

Playing A Shaman

           The first and most important thing you will need to focus on to become a great shaman is balancing Mork and Gork. When there is no one around to heal toss around your "Bleed Fer' Me" and "Life Leaka" Dots. These will help increase your healing and also increase your Mork's Waaagh, which will make your heals cast faster.

           Something to keep in mind is if you've been healing for awhile and accumulated 5/5 of Gork's Waaagh, throw Bleed Fer' Me first. It will make it more potent and ultimately give you more healing done. The best method for winning a Scenario is find a good damage dealer and keep him alive, usually I pick a Choppa or a Sorcerer.

           When it comes to leveling, the best possible mastery you can choose is Gork. I usually go up into Gork for "Geddoff!" and "Hurts, Don't it?". After that max out Gork and put the remaining points into mork. For more information on the class and to help you be a better healer please see the links below.

Click here to view Ashen's Healing Guide.

Pluses and Minuses To a Shaman

+ Great healer

+ Able to put out half way decent damage if you spec right

- Low Survivability In the lower levels (Helps a lot when you get your De-taunt and you "Whazat behind you?!" tactic.)

- May be hard for some players to learn how to balance damage and healing.


- Try to keep HoT's on everyone in your group

- If you have extra time feel free to throw DoT's on your enemies and do some DPS. I recommend using your damaging abilities that also heal your defensive target.

- Don't forget to detaunt, this ability is crucial to your survivability.

Recommended Specs

Will add after 1.3