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Disciple of Khaine

           DoK's are best known as the Melee Healing class of destruction. DoK's special mechanic is Soul Essence. When you use a healing spell you will consume Soul Essence and when you use a damaging ability you will generate Soul Essence. DoK's can also generate Soul Essence with an ability that uses AP and turns it into Soul Essence or by equipping a Chalice in their offhand.

When our of combat your Soul Essence will regenerate just like your Health.

Order Mirror Class: Warrior Priest


**If you are reading this in 2017 and playing the WAR Emulator take what you read here with a grain of salt. The guides were written for WAR when it first came out and most of the class guides were submitted to me - they will still contain useful information but not all of the information will be accurate**


Attributes and How They Effect You

Strength: Strength increases your melee damage, best stat for you if you plan on doing damage.

Toughness: Decreases the damage taken, The amount it decreases it by is minimum, but still a halfway decent stat.

Wounds: Increases your total health, VERY important stat.

Initiative: Increases your chance to avoid attacks, helps detect stealthed enemies and decreases your chance to be crit. A good stat to have, not the best to focus on.

Weapon Skill: Increases your chance to parry attacks and penetrate your opponents armor. Useful if you want to deal damage

Ballistic Skill: Useless for you

Intelligence: Useless for you

Willpower: Willpower increases healing done and increases your chance to disrupt your enemies spells. It also gives you a chance to resist your enemies spells. Most important stat out their for you if you plan to heal.

In summary the most important stats for you depend on what you want to do. If you want to heal stack Willpower and Wounds. If you want to DPS stack Strength and Wounds.


As far as resist go you have Elemental, Spiritual and Corporeal. Stack your resists in the order I give below;

Elemental: Stacking elemental will help you against those pesky Bright Wizards.

Corporeal: Will help you against Engineers, Shadow Warriors and .... Bright Wizards.

Spiritual: Helps against Archmages and Shadow Warriors.

Playing A DoK

           DoK's are one of the easiest classes to solo with and very newb friendly in RvR. Since they have abilities that deal damage and heal themselves (all in one) you will find it very easy to solo as a DoK. Of course since your damaging abilities will also heal you, they don't do amazing damage... But it's enough to get by.

           If you have ever played WoW, consider a DoK the Ret Paladin of WAR. When leveling a DoK you probably find it boring up until level 6 when you get your Consume Essence ability which is the first ability that will deal damage, heal you and generate Soul Essence. Once you get this ability you almost become a non stop killing machine.

           As far as Masteries go, some DoK's would choose Torture over Sacrifice for leveling. But i personally prefer Sacrifice since it improves your consume essence ability a decent amount. The first ability I stop for in this tree is Devour Essence, right after I grab Empowered Transfer and Pillage Essence. After I have these abilities I finish off the Sacrifice tree then dump the rest of the points into the Torture tree. Also, in Torture I grab Bloodthirst.

Click here to view Ashen's Healing Guide.

Pluses and Minuses to the DoK

+ DoK's can take out almost any class 1v1

+ You have damaging abilities that also heal you

+ You can switch between damaging and healing very easily.

- Low Damage

- Generally Targeted first since you're a healer (Or otherwise squishy)


- Don't forget you have de-taunt!

- If you decide you want to heal make sure you use a chalice!

- Don't forget to turn on your Covenants

Recommended Specs

(Will add after 1.3)





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