End of Month Contest/Start of June & EQ Updates!
Posted on May 7th, 2018

Arctic Wyvern Hide Gear (12 Recipes)
Black Panther Skin Gear (12 Recipes)
Haze Panther Skin Gear (12 Recipes)
Holgresh Fur Gear (3 Recipes)
Ice Silk Gear (12 Recipes)
Othmir Fur Gear (3 Recipes)
Tigeraptor Gear (12 Recipes)
Velium Hound Fur Gear (3 Recipes)
Cobalt Drake Hide Gear (12 Recipes)

           I've added a butt load of Velious Tradeskills updates, basically covering every route possible with that whole expansion. So, if any of you are P99ers you'll probably love all I have done with the Velious section. I think I am going to do LDoN next since you can Forage the items you need to make different armor sets during that expansion. PoP is going to take a butt load of time to do, just like Velious did.

           As for the contest with Redguides. That'll be happening at the end of this month. I am donating 10 kronos towards the pot and Redguides is too. So that means it'll be for 200$ (in kronos) at the very least. It happens a lot where different members of the website toss some of their kronos in too, so I wouldn't be surprised if the pot goes past 300$ and at least 10 - 15 people win something.

           To say it again, there'll be no purchase neccessary to participate in the contest. All you have to do is sign up. The reason I am doing it is because Redguides is going 'legit' next month and moving away from the cheating image they once had. I've also been releasing a lot of Kissassist INI files (it's one of the macros Redguides distributes) for all different classes 1 - 65. Hopefully I will finish it for all classes by the start of Summer!

           So, are you thinking of trying out MQ2 but you don't wanna shell out the 9.99 for your first month? Fear not!! There's an admin on Redguides named Darkie that very commonly offers people a free month of MQ2 when they ask - all you have to do is make a post and ask and you shall receive! It's not all that uncommon (#1) (#2) just in the last month alone.

           If you are the shy type and don't wanna post about it publically (or if you just want me to buy you a free month) then leave me a comment below with your username on Redguides and I will gift you a free month of MQ2 for you to try it out. I have 7,000 redcents which means I could give away over 100 months of MQ2 to people.

           Have any questions about MQ2? Concerned about being banned or something else like that? Post your comments/concerns below and I promise to answer your questions.


Otherwise - why wait/delay? Head over and try out MQ2 today! (hey that rhymes)








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