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Firiona Vie Collections Giveaway

           Four FULL sets of Collectibles - I only show one item incase you want to look up the collectible yourself but I will send you the entire full set for you to do whatever you'd like with! Each one gives you an amount of AAs relevant to your current level (or EXP).

If you'd like the name of each of these Collectible sets to see if you have them on your character or not... here's the names and relevant links:

Deadbread: Deadman's Dinner Collection Set from Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life in TBM.

Ornate Bonecrafted Sword: Royal Weaponry Collection Set from Neriak - Fourth Gate.

Soggy Sandals: Fallen Footwear Collection Set from Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay in TBM.

Spoiled Tongue: Rotting Remnants Collection Set from Ruins of Lxanvom TBM.












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