Harvest Moon Snes Power Berry Locations

In the SNES Harvest Moon there is a total of 10 Power Berries you can find. Each of the 10 power berries locations and how to acquire them can be found on this page.

1. The first Power Berry most people find is from plowing their field. It can be found anywhere on your entire farm.

2. Also found from plowing your field, the odds of finding one early are good because of this.

3. The morning you wake up to an earthquake go to Goddess Pond and chop stumps around her pond. Fall down into the hole and collect the Power Berry.

4. Catch a fish in the fishing pond and throw it back in.

5. Go the back hill and use your Axe to chop the tree stumps.

6. Once you've acquired the Golden Hammer smash the Chicken Statue with it at the Crossroads.

7. Sometimes during the Fall there will be an opportunity to trade a Chicken for a Power Berry to the peddler.

8. Bring a Full Moon Plant or a Large Fish to the Harvest Festival on Fall 12th.

9. At the Egg Festival on Fall 20th you can win this by winning the festival.

10. During Winter plant a Snowflower seed at the summit.



















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