Toy Story Pro Action Replay Codes

           If you are unfamiliar with Game Genie or Pro Action Replay (PAR) cheats and how to use them - fear not! Both of these things are usually found under the Cheat tab if you're playing on an Emulator which is located on the Toolbar at the top of the Emulator's window. If you're playing with an actual physical console you'll need to purchase a physical Game Genie or Pro Action Replay and use the codes that way.

           Those of you out there who are playing on an SNES Emulator that need help figuring out how to use the codes on this page should visit my how to setup Game Genie and PAR codes for SNES guide. That guide will go into a lot of detail about how to setup and use the codes you find on these pages and some trouble shooting tips for those who need them.

           Don't see the code you're looking for on this page? Why not try my Game Genie codes for Toy Story and see if the code you're looking for is there instead!


Invulnerability: 7E01A202

Unlimited Lives: 7E001E03

Unlimited Health: 7E001C04

Unlimited Continues: 7E001201

Unlimited Continue Time: 7E29780A

Claw Machine Has Zero Health: 7E294A00

Almost no SFX: 7E02006A

Brought To End of Level: 7E1780FF

Buzz has 1 Health In "Buzz Battle": 7E296E00

One Shot Buzz in "Buzz Nightmare" Battle: 7E29D200

Unlimited Time on "Red Alert": 7E292805


           Using these codes will let you begin on a specific Checkpoint in the level. Don't begin a level with a code activated that goes past the maximum amount of Checkpoints available or it'll glitch the game.

Checkpoints Deactivated: 7E001400

Checkpoint 1 Activated: 7E001401

Checkpoint 2 Activated: 7E001402

Checkpoint 3 Activated: 7E001403

Checkpoint 4 Activated: 7E001404

Checkpoint 5 Activated: 7E001405




















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