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Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4 Game Genie Codes (USA)

If you are unfamiliar with Game Genie or Pro Action Replay (PAR) cheats and how to use them - fear not! Both of these things are usually found under the Cheat tab if you're playing on an Emulator which is located on the Toolbar at the top of the Emulator's window. If you're playing with an actual physical console you'll need to purchase a physical Game Genie or Pro Action Replay and use the codes that way.

Those of you out there who are playing on an SNES Emulator that need help figuring out how to use the codes on this page should visit my how to setup Game Genie and PAR codes for SNES guide. That guide will go into a lot of detail about how to setup and use the codes you find on these pages and some trouble shooting tips for those who need them.

The codes on this page are my Misc codes for Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV. If these aren't the codes you're looking for then I recommend you head back to my Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV Game Genie Codes index page and check for your code there. Alternatively you could also check my Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4 PAR Codes for your code.



99% Recruit Free Officers: DFD1-8100

Allow the True Hereditary Seal to be found in Scenario 1: CBBA-87B1

Bottom Officer in Duel Doesn't Flee: 6DB4-5FF7

Top Officer in Duel Doesn't Flee: 6DBB-5DB7

No Units Flee Battle: C9C3-5060

Snoop Always Succeeds: C943-8F48

Threat Always Succeeds: C945-E431

Can Always Use Bolt During Battle: C928-5D22

Can Always Use Boulder During Battle: C923-7792

Can Always Use Chain During Battle: C92B-5DB2

Can Always Use Chaos During Battle: C925-5D92

Can Always Use Lies During Battle: C922-5FF2

Can Always Use Provoke During Battle: C92D-57B2

Can Always Use Weather During Battle: C924-5722

Can Always Use Wind During Battle: C929-5DF2


Political Requirement to Become Civil Officer is 5: D964-8D81

Choose Any Type of Unit During Battle: C96F-59F9



Liu Yong Starts With 5392 Gold: F91C-806D

Liu Yong Starts With 20,000 Gold: 031C-806D

Liu Yong Starts With 65,000 Gold: E31C-806D

Liu Yong Starts With 10,000 Provisions: 4514-516F

Liu Yong Starts With 25,000 Provisions: 1F14-516F

Liu Yong Starts With 65,000 Provisions: E214-516F

Dai Xian Max Economy: EE82-FE76

Dai Xian Max Farming: EE82-F386

Dai Xian Max Dam: EE82-F3E6

Dai Xian Max Technology: EE82-FE56

Dai Xian Max Soldier: EE83-FA76

Dai Xian Max Town: EE82-FEE6


Betray Always Works



Learn A Civil Talent Every Month



Max Gold for Dai Xian



Max Provisions for Dai Xian