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Relief Pitcher Guides and Walkthroughs

Relief Pitcher is a baseball simulation video game that was released in 1992 by MicroLeague Interactive. Developed and published by the American company MicroLeague Interactive, Relief Pitcher is a sports game that focuses on the role of a relief pitcher in baseball, allowing players to experience the excitement and challenges of pitching in late-game situations. In Relief Pitcher, players can choose from a variety of teams and leagues, and assume the role of a relief pitcher, coming into the game from the bullpen to face opposing batters.

The game features realistic baseball gameplay mechanics, including pitching, fielding, and hitting, as well as managing various aspects of a relief pitcher's career, such as managing fatigue, developing different pitches, and making strategic decisions in crucial game situations. Relief Pitcher offers different game modes, including exhibition games, full seasons, playoffs, and career modes, allowing players to experience different aspects of a relief pitcher's career. The game features statistical tracking, allowing players to keep track of their performance and compare it to other players in the league. Released in 1992, Relief Pitcher was well-received for its realistic baseball gameplay mechanics and unique focus on the role of a relief pitcher, providing a challenging and immersive experience for baseball fans. The game garnered a dedicated fan base and received positive reviews for its attention to detail and strategic gameplay.

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