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Goof Troop Guides and Walkthroughs

Goof Troop is a 2D action-adventure game developed and published by Capcom for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The game was released in North America in July 1993 and in Europe in February 1994.Based on the Disney animated television series of the same name, Goof Troop allows players to control either Goofy or his son Max, or both in two-player co-op mode, as they explore a pirate-infested island, solving puzzles and battling enemies. The game features bright and colorful graphics, catchy music, and challenging gameplay that requires both skill and cooperation between the two playable characters.


Goof Troop Game Genie Codes (USA)

Goof Troop Pro Action Replay Codes (USA)

Goof Troop Title Screen


Goof Troop Stage Passwords

These passwords will only work on the American or Europe versions of the game. There are more codes and they are different for the Japanese version, I am kind of assuming since you're on an English speaking website you want the English codes. If you'd like the Japanese ones you can always google them =P

Start at Stage 2 - Bannana, Red Diamond, Cherry, Bannana, Cherry

Start at Stage 3 - Cherry, Red Diamond, Blue Diamond, Cherry, Bannana

Start at Stage 4 - Red Diamond, Cherry, Blue Diamond, Blue Diamond, Red Diamond

Start at Stage 5 - Banana, Cherry, Blue Diamond, Red Diamond, Banana






























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