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Disney's Toy Story is a platform video game based on the Pixar film Toy Story, released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1995. The game was developed by Traveller's Tales and published by Disney Interactive Studios. The game follows the plot of the movie, with players controlling Woody as he tries to rescue Buzz Lightyear from the clutches of the evil neighbor kid, Sid. The game features platforming elements, with players jumping and climbing their way through levels filled with obstacles and enemies. The game also features boss battles against characters from the movie, such as the mutant toys and Sid himself. The game received positive reviews for its faithful adaptation of the movie, fun gameplay, and colorful graphics.

Disney's Toy Story Game Genie Codes (USA)



Disney's Toy Story - Invincibility

In the first level of this game there will be a dresser with a basket of army men ontop of it. Knock the lid off the bucket with your pull string and then jump onto the bottom shelf and take out the helicopter. When your star starts spinning at the top you'll know you've gained invincibility. If you want a video guide here's a youtube video showing you how to get invincibility.

Disney's Toy Story - Level Skip: Once you are invincible you'll be able to skip levels as well. To do so just pause the game and then press select to skip to the end of your current stage.


Disney's Toy Story - Level Passwords

Within the game's menu you'll be able to put in passwords to reach any level within the game. The menu to input these passwords is available in every version of the game except the US version apparently. I haven't gotten a chance to confirm this, leave a comment below if you know for sure!

Level 2 - A Buzz Clip: 251324

Level 3 - Food and Drink: 421553

Level 4 - Sid's Workbench: 343435

Level 5 - Light My Fire: 151423


























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