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The Need for Speed Guides & Walkthroughs

The Need for Speed is a racing video game developed by Electronic Arts (EA) and released in 1994 for various platforms, including the 3DO, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and MS-DOS. It is the first installment in the long-running racing game franchise that has become known for its high-speed racing, realistic car handling, and immersive gameplay. In The Need for Speed, players can choose from a selection of exotic sports cars and race them on various tracks set in different locations, such as city streets, mountain roads, and deserts.

The game features realistic car physics, challenging opponents, and detailed graphics that were groundbreaking for its time. Players can compete in different race modes, including single races, time trials, and tournaments, and can also customize their cars with upgrades and modifications to enhance performance. The Need for Speed was a critical and commercial success, setting the foundation for the popular racing game franchise that continues to be popular among racing game enthusiasts worldwide.



The Need for Speed Action Replay Codes (USA)