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Slam N' Jam 96 Guides & Walkthroughs

Slam 'N Jam '96 is a sports-themed video game released in 1996 for the Sega Saturn and PlayStation consoles. Developed by Crystal Dynamics, the game combines fast-paced basketball gameplay with over-the-top, arcade-style action. In Slam 'N Jam '96, players can choose from a roster of colorful and unique basketball players, each with their own skills and abilities. The game features various game modes, including exhibition matches, tournaments, and a story mode where players can compete against challenging opponents in a quest to become the ultimate basketball champion.

The gameplay in Slam 'N Jam '96 is fast-paced and action-packed, with dunks, layups, passes, steals, and other basketball moves that can be performed with intuitive controls. The game also features exaggerated, over-the-top dunks and special moves that add an arcade-like flair to the gameplay, allowing players to perform flashy and spectacular maneuvers to score points and defeat their opponents. With its fast-paced basketball action, arcade-style gameplay, and unique player abilities, Slam 'N Jam '96 offers a unique take on the basketball genre. Developed by Crystal Dynamics, a renowned video game company known for its high-quality productions, Slam 'N Jam '96 is a notable entry in the sports gaming genre and a memorable title from the mid-1990s gaming era.


Slam N' Jam 96 Action Replay Codes (USA)